Samsung's commitment to India R&D high, says senior executive

By Devasena Murugesan

Samsung's commitment to Research and Development capabilities and talent in India is "extremely high" and "will continue to grow", Dipesh Shah, Managing Director of Samsung R&D Institute India-Bengaluru said on Thursday. As many as 700 engineers from Samsung R&D Institute India-Bengaluru (SRI-B) collaborated with the company's global research centres to contribute to the Korean smart devices maker's newest line up of Galaxy S23 smartphones.

"Software engineers in India have over ..

"In Noida and Delhi, we have R&D centres for mobiles, smartphones, televisions, and home appliances. We have semiconductor R&D centre in Bengaluru...So the commitment to R&D as in India as a country is extremely high and will continue to grow," he said.

Globally, the company has multiple research and development centres which collaborate to create Samsung products.

"About 700 engineers in SRI-B worked for creation of this product in collaboration with many global R& ..